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Music in Motion


I absolutely love when I see artists such as this on vevo. A women who looks and acts real, with raw natural talent. Kudos to Quadron. 

Race Against Time

I feel like my life these days is literally a race against time… but even though the dire need to do as much as possible seems to be all too much at times, I always find myself stealing away moments for myself to just kick back, relax, and be.

This time I’m doing it with a wicked remix by a friend of mine - The Rish :)

Hannah V.

Crazy GTA Shit.

GTA (No I do not mean Greater Toronto Area). Know that name. Only if you’re ready to jam though…

Hannah V.

Introducing: Zouk Bass

Okay, so there’s this new sub-sub genre. It’s kind of like Moombahton, but even slower. I’m not even sure what the bpm is - but it’s really slow. Tropical, hip shaking. For those of you who don’t even know what Moombahton is - it’s like a mix of dutch house music and reggaeton - around 110bpm. So anyway, back to Zouk Bass. Why is it called Zouk (Zeuuuk) bass? I have no idea. Who was it created by? Buraka Som Sistema - the genre was released during their set at the Boiler Room in which they played a bunch of songs (by them?) that they have yet to release. 

So here’s a little taste of what I could find from Buraka Som Sistema pre Zouk Bass:

And of course, any time there’s a new genres, producers are quick to jump on it. So take a listen and see what you think!

Hannah V.

State of Illusions

A lot of great new music that I’m going to load on you this weekend. 

First - Love as great as an ocean. 

Second - A song that will make you feel higher and higher and higher until you break through all the illusions of this world…

Hannah V.


Courtesy of Kris Menace, an electronica master. (Shout out to Alessandra for bringing the first track to my attention). 

Hannah V.

Tokimonsta’s New Single

Wow! I saw this girl this summer at the Full Flex tour along with Skrillex and Diplo, and honestly I loved everything about this Los Angelas native! Her style, music, fashion sense, etc. Here’s her new style, really digging it :)

Hannah V.


AMAZING. This is an old track apparently, but I just came across it. Can’t believe this gem was hidden from me for so long!

Hannah V.


This is an amazing piece of melodic music by Juicy J and our favourite depressed R&B singer Abel, aka The Weeknd. I suppose it’s an ode to his success because his lyrics go something about him dancing on the clouds and raining down on everyone because he’s (metaphorically) on top. Even though I generally can’t stand the whole “I’m on top” topic of most hip hop songs these days, I’ve got a soft spot for a few artists, like The Weeknd and Drake. (Perhaps I’m being biased towards my famous Toronto natives?) Whatever the case, congratulations Abel, no one can deny that yes, you are on top. 

Hannah V.